Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Calling all Moms!


CrossFit Moms is a group training class for Moms that are looking to get in shape, drop weight, increase muscle tone, increase energy, and feel great. The best part, you get to bring your little one. ( Prefered age is 2months- 9months as we know how squirmie they can get)

When: Tuesday and Thursday
November 28th - December 21st (4 weeks)
Where: Brentwood Park (6758 Arroyo Seco) Click for map
Time: 9:15 – 10am
Cost: $125.00

Children in jog strollers are welcome. (You do not have to bring your child, but many moms will have their little one with them.)

CrossFit Moms is lead by CrossFit Trainer Carey Kepler.
She Currently trains with her 7-month-old little girl, Savannah Grace.

Training will consist of body weight exercises, dumbbell exercises, and medicine ball work. Intensity will be scaled to each individual’s fitness level. Training guarantees increased metabolism and body fat burning.

All fitness levels and new moms are welcome.

Please Email Carey at
Or Feel free to call her at 512-296-4637


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